Thursday, February 27, 2014

Rainbows & Unicorns! Just kidding - Introducing Ultrasound & LED Facials

Ultrasound Facials now available for a natural facelift treatment at Rosehips Boutique & Skin Spa. As seen on the popular Dr. OZ Show, Elizabeth Tanzi MD says, "Skin lifting is seen gradually over 2-3 months after treatment as the skin continues to make new collagen."

For this reason, it is advisable to purchase a discounted package of 6 treatments, and schedule them 10 - 14 days apart. Ask us about this Special!

During my web search for an Ultrasound Facial,  I noticed much confusion and skepticism. Let me clear it up a bit, or at least tell you about the facial at our Rosehips Skin Spa called Ultrasound Facelift Treatment.

Your Ultrasound Facelift Treatment begins with cleansing and a pumpkin enzyme peel. After this, what is known as a "Skin Scrubber" is used to clean out your pores, with a low frequency vibration that wiggles out debris. "It's true!" says Aesthetician Kat J. Hall "I can see the guck come out." Non-technical terminology aside, it safely & effectively clears away dead skin, sebum and dirt. User forums online debated this, but as Kat said, the "guck" comes out. It really does.

The fun (for your Aesthetician) doesn't stop there. In comes another apparatus during the treatment, called the Ultrasound Wand. Shaped like a mushroom, this device uses frequency to promote blood circulation, speed up metabolism & promote collagen. The non-technological Kat says "Sound excites the cells!  They have a fibroblast!" What she is saying is that an increase in fibroblast activity promotes collagen production. This means firmer skin with less wrinkle depth.

As Elizabeth Tanzi MD writes, ultrasound is used to "direct sound waves through the skin (and visualize all the skin layers) to focus on the deep tissue structures under the skin."  At Rosehips Skin Spa, with the Ultrasound Facelift Treatment,  there will be significant improvement of "coarse wrinkles, visual dryness, skin pigmentation, skin laxity, brown spot size, fine wrinkles, brown spot color, pore size, and overall improvement."  *The caveat is to have the treatment 10 - 14 days apart, for 2-3 continuous months.

In addition to the Skin Scrubber and the Ultrasonic Wand, at our skin spa, we also use light therapy, specifically red LED. This alone will increase collagen production and help protect the skin from free radical damage, amongst other thigs. Google it or go to this blog called Holistically Haute by Rachel Pontillo.

"Let's make them an offer they can't refuse!" Kat has decided. "How about 4 one hour high end facials for $340?" At  $85.00 per treatment that is a savings of $140.00. To make sure your skin responds positively, Kat is offering your first treatment for $85.00 without purchasing the package. Fair enough? If you like what you see, you  have 10 - 14 days to schedule another treatment, and purchase the package. At that point, we will schedule all of your treatments to give you preferential appointment times for you and your busy life.

Keep in mind that if you have any of these conditions, carotid artery disease, skin cancer, vitiligo, pregnancy, lactation, psiorasis, herpes simplex infection, propensity to form keloids, previous electrolysis, and use of isotretinoin anisatil, as well as a pacemaker, this treatment is not for you. For you, there is the Rainbow Facial, an organic treatment that uses the following LED colors: Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Orange, Turquoise & White. Same price, same special package price : ) Just be sure to tell your Aesthetician if you have hypothyroidism or bipolar disorder, both of which could become exacerbated with LED.

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