Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bouncing Cranberries

Recently I discovered that cranberries are filled with air pockets, hence their ability to bounce. I never really gave it much thought, even while gazing at them floating in water, attributable to aforesaid air pockets.  Rotten berries will not bounce, nor will they float. Be sure to discard those.

Why is cranberry sauce served with turkey? I'm guessing the Native American Indians are responsible. A quick Google entry of "Native American Cranberry Sauce" affirms this. In my search I found this wonderful recipe, appropriately titled  Native American Cranberry Sauce and credited to somebody's grandmother, an Ojibwa Indian. The recipe calls for maple syrup, not sugar, authenticating the recipe.

 One of my clients (and you know who you are!) provided me with this recipe for Classic Cranberry Sauce the side-dish having become a family tradition, made every Thanksgiving. What's Martha Stewart's recipe you might ask? (I didn't grow up with Rachel Ray so don't ask me about hers.) I found this Quick Cranberry Sauce recipe that, according to one comment, is best when chopped candied ginger is stirred into the finished product - the amount being unspecified.

My Holiday facial at Rosehips Beauty will include the Cranberry Pomegranate Masque from Eminence. mixed right into the Blueberry Soy Recovery Masque and topped with the Chocolate Mouse. Delicious and beautifying!

Cranberries, by the way, are high in antioxidants and Vitamin C, while also being anti-cancer, reducing high blood pressure & the likelihood of blood clots, and being known to help reduce LDLs. - (Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or a nutritionist & this article does not replace their good advice.)

Which Cranberry Sauce recipe am I going to try this year? Most likely the one from the Ojibwa Indian . . . unless my boyfriend objects. "We've got all this organic sugar" he informed me just now. Alright. Relationships involve some compromise. Classic Cranberry Sauce with organic sugar it is!

Happy Thanksgiving! Only eat bouncing cranberries!

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