Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Featured Product: Sweet Red Rose Whip Moisturizer

Roses in Skincare

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose 
by any other name would smell as sweet.” 

(That's a Shakespeare quote in case you haven't guessed.) 

Essentially the importance is not what something is called, so much as what it actually is. Still, the word rose is quite lovely and the flower is aptly named, especially because of these benefits in skin care:

  • The visible signs of aging are reduced
  • The appearance of skin irritation is reduced
  • The appearance of pore size is reduced
  • Complexion appears smoother, softer and firmer

This October I am promoting the Sweet Red Rose Whip Moisturizer with $5.00 from your purchase donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation via Eminence Organic Skin Care. The facial cream contains both rose extract and petals, and is super skin softening. It is good for all skin conditions, especially sensitive skin. 


A suggestion I have to my beautiful clients at my skincare studio is to use a small amount of this cream for personal breast care. YES! Massaging your own breasts is healing, especially when done with love absent from fear. Fear is a frequency generated by the emotions that is not life enhancing. Love & gratitude are. Fear cannot exist where love is present. Be present with yourself, and lovingly apply the Sweet Red Whip Moisturizer to your breasts, loving them rather than being afraid of finding a lump. Plus they'll smell so good!

Breast massage is actually considered a preventative therapy practiced by other cultures. Why it is not practiced in the United States may just be because of our puritanical roots. Get over those ladies and massage your breasts! Massage is beneficial to the lymphatic system and it tones tissue. We keep stuffing our bodies into bras. Be kind and sweet to those tatas girls! 

Contact me, Kat (919) 696-7265 to order your moisturizer, available in the USA. 
2 fl oz - $74.00 

“What’s in a name? That which we call a breast by any other name would be as sweet.” 
~ Kat J Hall

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Art of Flower Viewing

With these strange weather patterns here in North Carolina, flowers have been blossoming ahead of schedule. This gives us the early opportunity to admire them. Many of us enjoy the beauty of flowers, yet how many of us intentionally gaze upon them? How many of us can honestly say “I’m going to contemplate beauty and life’s impermanence, embodied by this flower.” The flower's beauty will fade, and the petals will fall away. Something may be born from the flower, or another flower will bud and blossom in its place. Life goes on while the contemplated flower's life will not. It will not last forever.  In Japan they have one word for that entire concept. Hanami.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The 22 Tips for a Beautiful Life - Beauty Tip #1


DO NOT wash your face before you 
take your dog out for a walk in the morning!
The Reason: 

Your natural oil protects your skin from the
harsh elements. 
This also applies to those who run in the morning,
or stride off to yoga class, or whatever it is you do 
in the morning, besides 
                                   lounge around in your PJs 
                                                                         like me. 

                                                                               Kat J Hall
                                                                            PJ Lounger   
                                                                                + Facialist 

                                                                      Rosehips Skincare Studio

Copyright Kathleen Hall 2015

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Rainbows & Unicorns! Just kidding - Introducing Ultrasound & LED Facials

Ultrasound Facials now available for a natural facelift treatment at Rosehips Boutique & Skin Spa. As seen on the popular Dr. OZ Show, Elizabeth Tanzi MD says, "Skin lifting is seen gradually over 2-3 months after treatment as the skin continues to make new collagen."

For this reason, it is advisable to purchase a discounted package of 6 treatments, and schedule them 10 - 14 days apart. Ask us about this Special!

During my web search for an Ultrasound Facial,  I noticed much confusion and skepticism. Let me clear it up a bit, or at least tell you about the facial at our Rosehips Skin Spa called Ultrasound Facelift Treatment.

Your Ultrasound Facelift Treatment begins with cleansing and a pumpkin enzyme peel. After this, what is known as a "Skin Scrubber" is used to clean out your pores, with a low frequency vibration that wiggles out debris. "It's true!" says Aesthetician Kat J. Hall "I can see the guck come out." Non-technical terminology aside, it safely & effectively clears away dead skin, sebum and dirt. User forums online debated this, but as Kat said, the "guck" comes out. It really does.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

SEO for the Google Verified Business Owner

No need to pay someone else, too much, to get the results you want from Search Engine Optimization. Just go to and do a search for your verified business.*** (see below)

Click onto your place marker, and then onto the arrow beside "More." Next click onto "Edit details." This brings you to a page with  "IS THIS YOUR BUSINESS?" with a link to "Manage your page."Click that link.

This opens up your dashboard, and you will see "Your business info". Click onto edit. Look over what is there, make necessary changes, and then go to *Category and enter your main business category. You now get to enter four more. That's where you're limited. You only get to enter four categories that are Key Words for Google searches. But we all know it's in the details.

This is the fun part. Scroll down to "Additional Details" and add every last Key Word you can think of, pertaining to your business that will help a Googler find you. (Is that an official word yet, "Googler?"  A juggler juggles and a Googler Googles. Makes sense, no?) You see, what you may not know, and what I just found out thanks to Gennipher my Eminence Organics Rep, is that SEO is in the details. Be sure to click Submit at the bottom.

The real satisfaction comes when you find your business showing up on Google searches. No need to wait for hours. Check it out. It's fun fun fun! Especially for those business that just were not showing up in search results, like my own little skincare studio in Raleigh, NC.

Want even more satisfaction? Be sure to join Google+ with your business name and then make a public entry every day. It is veritably satisfying to see the results.  Makes this Googler giggle. I love the +s of life!

Be sure to Like Rosehips Beauty on Facebook and also check out our Google + page as well as to check out our website.

(***If you business is not verified you will have to fart around on Google for awhile and figure that one out. It's easy, but takes some time. They will send you an email with information for your web master and a post card with a Verification PIN is sent to you.)

Happy Googling!
Kat J Hall

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August Musings

Of late, the meanings of words have held my interest. Not long ago it was suggested to me, and to a room full of others at a Matrix Energetics Training,  for us to "Get interested."  "What interests you?" it was asked of us. "Become aware of what does, and explore it." What I've discovered is that this self-awareness tool is more fun than living the usual day-to-day. The other day I became completely fascinated that there were only two listless lobster in the lobster tank at a local Red Lobster Restaurant.

As a writer of a the eNewsletters for Rosehips Boutique & Skin Spa  I send monthly offers to those who have a birthday. Following my own interest in the definition of a month's name,  I did some internet digging.  I decided not to write about the fact that August, the eighth month in the  Julian Calendar,  remained the eighth month in the Gregorian calendar, the solar based one we have today. Or that August's name was "sextilis" in the 10 month Roman calender, being the 6th month in that time measurement device. Nor did I write that August was named August to honor Augustus, the First Emperor of the Roman Empire. Wikipedia has all of that. The historical background of the modern calendar as we know it, and what it went through to satisfy emperors and rulers, is twisted and convoluted, kind of like Caligula, the 3rd Emperor of the Roman Empire, who got himself assassinated.  Instead of all of that, this is what I passed along to my newsletter peeps. Something light.

August, according to  has two definitions. Here is the first one, followed by my commentary:

Def. 1
Au·gust  (├┤gst)n. Abbr. Aug. The eighth month of the year in the Gregorian calendar.