Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Four Things

“Aside from water, there are Four Things women should consume regularly,” a client informs me, adding, “I got this information from a friend who saw it on the T.V. program  The Doctors.” She then listed them off:
  1. Resveratrol
  2. Fish Oil
  3. Vitamin D
  4. Dark Chocolate
On her way to a Mexican Restaurant in North Raleigh I added a fifth one - “Tequila.” Kidding aside, Tequila is really good for you. Just ask those worms you see floating at the bottom of the bottle. 
I don’t have a T.V. set, and this is really hard on my out-of-town guests who then drag me out to local bars/restaurants to watch a game, any game, anything to break up the monotony of my fascination with my Mac. So far, I’ve seen games at The Oxford, Tobacco Road, The Point, Dave’s Dumplings, & the Cameron Grill. If it were the focus of this blog, I could tell you which one to go to if you want to hang out with the alcoholics, and which one will deaden your senses for other reasons, and which one will leave you with a crick in your neck. But, The Best Bar* To Watch A Game, is not the point. What is the point is that Dark Chocolate is now officially one of The Major Food Groups, something the English, you know, the ones across the pond, figured out a long time ago. 
This is intended to be a short blog, at least shorter than prior entries, so I will get straight to the point (no not that one.) My business, Rosehips Beauty is offering a vitamin and nutrient rich and amazing multiphase release vegan capsule containing resveratrol and evening primrose oil, so you can at least close in on the first two items on the Four Things. It is called “Firm Skin” and it is a daily supplement for beauty. Check  it out and  contact me to order: (919) 696-7265 or I do Google Checkout, so you can pay conveniently online and have your product sent to you. Mention this Blog for free shipping.
Firm Skin Vitamins - 30 Vegan Friendly Vitamin Capsules for $56.00.
The facts:
Description: Antioxidant-rich, firming multi-phase release vegan pill in pill vitamin capsules
Skin Type: All skin types, especially mature
Key Ingredients:
  1. Seabuckthorn: vitamin rich, nutrient rich; protective
  2. Vitamin A: refining; reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  3. Vitamin E: supplies direct antioxidants, protects the epidermis, and effectively combats free radicals
  4. Resveratrol: anti-aging antioxidant; anti-inflammatory and immune boosting
  5. Grape Seed: antioxidant, emollient; supplies active bioflavonoids, combats free radicals, acts as a rejuvenating agent, and lubricates
  6. Quercetin: antioxidant flavonoid and anti-inflammatory
P.S. The Cameron Grill*