Thursday, August 22, 2013

SEO for the Google Verified Business Owner

No need to pay someone else, too much, to get the results you want from Search Engine Optimization. Just go to and do a search for your verified business.*** (see below)

Click onto your place marker, and then onto the arrow beside "More." Next click onto "Edit details." This brings you to a page with  "IS THIS YOUR BUSINESS?" with a link to "Manage your page."Click that link.

This opens up your dashboard, and you will see "Your business info". Click onto edit. Look over what is there, make necessary changes, and then go to *Category and enter your main business category. You now get to enter four more. That's where you're limited. You only get to enter four categories that are Key Words for Google searches. But we all know it's in the details.

This is the fun part. Scroll down to "Additional Details" and add every last Key Word you can think of, pertaining to your business that will help a Googler find you. (Is that an official word yet, "Googler?"  A juggler juggles and a Googler Googles. Makes sense, no?) You see, what you may not know, and what I just found out thanks to Gennipher my Eminence Organics Rep, is that SEO is in the details. Be sure to click Submit at the bottom.

The real satisfaction comes when you find your business showing up on Google searches. No need to wait for hours. Check it out. It's fun fun fun! Especially for those business that just were not showing up in search results, like my own little skincare studio in Raleigh, NC.

Want even more satisfaction? Be sure to join Google+ with your business name and then make a public entry every day. It is veritably satisfying to see the results.  Makes this Googler giggle. I love the +s of life!

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(***If you business is not verified you will have to fart around on Google for awhile and figure that one out. It's easy, but takes some time. They will send you an email with information for your web master and a post card with a Verification PIN is sent to you.)

Happy Googling!
Kat J Hall

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