Friday, April 26, 2013

I'm A Pinterest Virgin

Having just moved my established skin care business to Newport News, VA from Raleigh, NC - after eight wonderful years (the first three being a financial struggle) - I've got plenty of time on my hands. Why did I move? For a relationship. And no, it is not "Happily Ever After" - but it is worth it and it feels right. That's what counts.

Like I said,  I've got plenty of time on my hands. Since I am not putting my hands on my former client's faces in Raleigh, I am putting them to good use on my keyboard right here in Newport News. Hence, I discovered Pinterest, and its mysteries. Much like that very long time ago when I was an actual virgin ("Just what goes on with two people without clothes on?"  I wondered "and how does one actually 'Do It?'")

How does one actually "Do" Pinterest? I am finding out - it's slow going - I'm fumbling around - and yet resolved to "Fake it until I make it." The Pinterest Boards I have witnessed, are stunningly beautiful to look at - a feast for the eyes. Admittedly the first time I ever saw one of those I thought it was scary. "Put that thing away!" It took me years to get used to that visual, and now it's a real pleasure (wink wink) - but let's keep this from becoming inappropriate, shall we?

The major difference between actual virginity and Pinterest virginity is the visual - there are some beautiful boards out there. Still, does it feel good? That's what counts, after all.

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